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Entering of XML without writing SQL-code

Entering of xml-data by operator 'insert' is already considered in separate document. If we allow entering of xml-data as well as sql-code, then we remove gasket, which surround xml-data by operator 'insert'. This is very actual, because applied specialists, automating own activity without programmer, can not adjust libraries of such gaskets as php, perl, etc.

Triggers are waked, beginning from root record of tree.

Besides that, having received xml-tree, DBMS could automatically writes parameters of connection in fields (if they exist) of root xml-element (usually it is formdata, tabledata, treedata).

Field 'sender username' in root record is intended for future version of HTTP: receiver must react individually to each concrete user-sender, therefore it's possible to expect transfering of sender username too.

Dmitry Turin

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