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SQL 4.4.0


Access rights


Starting of records on DML

Rough equality of strings on DDL and DML

Request into several databases simultaneously on DDL and DML


Introduction into Tree Manipulation Language


Input and output of data

Elementary data is tree

Elementary algorithm is wave algorithm

Rough equality of strings on TML

Request into several databases simultaneously on TML

Additional features of DBMS

The most typical data

Dear friend

- So, we have proved, that all, what you propose to make on your a-a-a... Fortran, is possible to make on assembler.
- First, I know this without you, second, speech was not about that.

Project is public domain (anybody can use without charge in any way).

Help to make database modern. Please, translate articles to any language, what You know. Translate once more, if other translations (including author's) are unsuccessful (original of articles is in russian language). Let Your translations will be in textual, ms-word or any other format, which is convenient to You. Please, send to your friends, that they translate.

Tell about this project to colleagues on work, to students, which listen your lectures. If You know about existence of a people, which could become interested about this question, i ask You very much, send these articles to them.

Dear system administrator, please, place link to these articles on your server. Maybe somebody will find them and will take part in creation of compiler or interpreter. If you have a forum or circle on your server, please, send to all members of forum or circle.

I can not do without Your help and shall be very grateful to You for translations, advices and remarks.

Dmitry Turin, dmitryturin@yandex.ru, PGP

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