HTML 6.5

HTML6 is project of novations, allowing to write broken line from any to any HTML-element, to refer to place without attribute "id" and "name", to display table 3x100 of DBMS as table 10x10 of browser, to display hyper-cube as table, to hide and show HTML-elements. It proposes new control "picture" (attached graphic file is displayed in document), style for attribute to display its value. HTML6 enters new elements, which send data like form, but automatically: to browse column of database and to browse tree of database. And many others.

SQL 5.8

SQL5 allow by XPath to create foreign key (FK) between rational and xml, between xml and xml; to copy rational data (tree's model is over rational model) into xml and xml-data into records of tables by XTree; to select, update, delete xml in fields of tables; to create predicates, permissions, triggers for xml-data. It's shown, that usage of XML and HTTP instead of formats and protocols, applied by separate company-manufacturer of DBMS, gives great advantage for end user, automating own activity without programmers. SQL5 allow to refer into several databases in one request, using nickname of database as prefix of table name and system table of nicknames; replication by this technology is possible. To specify right of access for each record, and to make some records invisibile for certain users. To use in-exact names, differing by one-two letters or permutation of words, in request. To create timer, to send next small portion of sorted data to client by usual sql-requests, and many others.

Unicode 7.2

Unicode7 is addition for Unicode, allowing to write indexes and limits in textual file, to write upper-case letters by prefix and lower-case letter (that makes comparison of words easiest), to format hardwarily colour and size of font. It's binds also alphabet and direction of text (left-to-right, right-to-left, clockwise).

Computer 2.0

Computer2 is project of novations, offerring new way of formulation of three-dimensional models, that makes graphics programming available for non-programmer. Any user (doctor, constructor, biochemist, technologist, designer) can create any simulation. Cost and time of software development are decreased in tens time. It gives large jump in development of economy.